Surfer's Corner

A few useful links

Easy Search Pro:

This is truly the mother of all search engines! It is in fact, all search engines, included in a tool bar that you "take with you". This would be a great page to have your browser open with.


Simply, this is sound for your surfing. Many pages have sound features that utilize RealAudio. Listen to talk radio, live, while you surf. Rock and Roll, Country, Blues, interviews with anybody who's anybody, you'll want this if ya don't already have it!

Map Quest:

The best map maker on the Web. Give it the address, it gives you a map! Many options, high quality maps to print or send via Email.

Subway Navigator:

Heading to the big city? Most of the worlds subway system maps are here.

If it's shareware, it's probably here.

MIT distribution site for PGP:

THE encryption software. This is the one that's got big brother so worried. Of course that can only mean one thing...ya gotta get it!!

PGP user's guide:

Then when you've got PGP...

Anonymous Surfing:

Do you know what can be learned from YOUR computer as you surf? Check out this page, and surf anonymously.

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