My name is Deborah Champluvier and I live in an area known as Southaven, Mississippi and my address is 705 Twin wood Cove Southaven, Mississippi 38671, phone number: 901-406-8516, my Email address is debor4ah@bellsouth.net. I am 47 years old and have been married for 29 years I have three grown children and I?m a Grandmother and the following is my story which is truthful and factual and I would appreciate you reading and giving my story full attention as the media is the proper source to expose Injustice and to precede the truth to assist myself and many others who have been done injustice and others that are waiting for injustice to be done to them, the media is the voice and the eyes of the people for the people.

This is my story which will be done in a condensed version, as it would be too long and too lengthy if everything was put down, but I will make myself available with the proper documentation to show everything I put down is truthful and factual. I went into business with a person by the name of L. L. Ross as partners and the business we went into was called Perfect Treasures Furniture and within a year we formed a Mississippi Limited Liability Company, and then it was called Perfect Treasures Furniture L.L.C. and the certificate Of Formation listed Deborah Champluvier as the first Member and L.L. Ross as the second Member, which we had no partnership agreement only a verbal agreement and a Mississippi Limited Liability Company is NOT a Corporation. The business was buying and selling new and used furniture, this business was on going for approximately 2 years and then suddenly my partner passed away, L.L. Ross died interstate without a will. L.L. Ross had a Son named Thomas Ross who secured an Attorney to file Probate in the Chancery court in Desoto County, Mississippi on the estate of L.L. Ross and also secured the same Attorney for a separate action to liquidate and sell the assets of my Company without my knowledge or consent, Perfect Treasures Furniture L.L.C. a Mississippi Limited Liability Company. I secured an Attorney to Stop the Dissolving and liquidation of my company, in the meantime Thomas Ross was showing up at Perfect Treasures Furniture L.L.C. with guns and threatening and harassing me on numerous occasions, the police was called on numerous occasions and they did nothing to help me, I informed my Attorney of all the events happening and my Attorney did nothing and without my knowledge or consent signed a agreed order agreeing with Thomas Ross and his Attorney to Dissolve and to liquidate my company, which the Chancery Judge signed and my Company was dissolved and liquidated. I was removed from my Limited Liability Company by this Agreed Order and removed from my company premises by the Police department. The Chancery Court not only ordered the company dissolved and liquidated but did away with any bills owed with an Order Dismissing Contested Claims and also in the Chancery Judges Agreed order everything was turned over to Thomas Ross. This should have been the end of the injustice done to me, but the injustice continued into Bankruptcy court ,which agreed with the Chancery Court Order and the Bankruptcy court signed an Order discharging, liquidated the assets and liabilities of the company and thus nothing remained of Perfect Treasures Furniture L.L.C. Approximately one and half years later the injustice continued as I was indicted and charged with embezzlement of monies from a Company that I was Owner of and charged with being an Employee of my own company, which I was Owner of. The company had been dissolved, the assets liquidated and thus the company no longer existed, then I was arrested and I made bond and was released. I hired an Attorney to represent me in this criminal case, which I was never brought before a Judge or Arraigned at this time. Then I was looking in my case file at the courthouse and I discovered a document that was entitled waiver of arraignment which some person or persons had forged my name to this waiver of arraignment. I secured a Handwriting expert who verified that was Not my signature The court never secured anyone else?s hand writing samples and I requested that the court take handwriting samples of the court administrator, the prosecutor, my attorney and even the Judge, this was all ignored and I was forced to give additional handwriting samples which further proved that was not my signature even though the prosecutor sent the improper documents either on purpose or accidental to the crime lab. I tried to secured the documents sent, but I never received them and was given no excuse to why I could not receive them. The injustice continues right along here approximately over 2 years later I had to appear at the court and the court administrator tried to coerce me into signing a waiver of arraignment because I said I did not sign the other one, which I refused and demanded my rights, there was no Judge or anybody except the court administrator and my attorney that day. (There also was an Order signed from the Trial Judge on the same day as the waiver of arraignment was signed by somebody forging my name saying that I appeared before him and signed that waiver of arraignment and there is numerous affidavits in the case that this was untrue ,as I was not there) The injustice continued as the Trial Judge over two years later, after the indictment and being arrested ,ordered me to come before him and he arraigned me, that day, which is further proof I did not sign the waiver of arraignment. The injustice continues when the Trial Judge allowed my attorney to be removed from my case, which left me without counsel. The Trial Judge and the other two Trial Judges of the Circuit court recusaled themselves from my case and signed an order to this. Now I was without Counsel or a Judge. I received an order from the Mississippi Supreme Court, where they had appointed a retired Circuit Judge from Greenwood Mississippi ,whose name is Gray Evans to hear my case. Now the injustice increases as the name of the only case against me was State Of Mississippi vs. Deborah Champluvier and my case number was CR 2001-456 RD, which in the Circuit Courts in Mississippi the last two initials of the case number is the Judges initial of his last name and the initial of the County, the case number which never changes and R in this case was Ready and D is for Desoto, but this case suddenly became State Of Mississippi vs. Deborah Marie Champluvier, case number CR 2001-456OD and this was changed not by the Mississippi Supreme court, but in the Circuit Court of Desoto County, Mississippi or in the home of Gray Evans in Greenwood Mississippi. When I appeared before this Gray Evans without counsel and ask Gray Evans what was OD he informed me that it was Other Desoto and when I ask the judge, where was the Other Desoto, I was told to shut up and sit down. I have looked closely at the counties in Mississippi and I discovered there is only One Desoto and not Other Desoto, but Gray Evans declared there is Other Desoto. The injustice continues as Gray Evans never took the prescribed Oath of office in this case and when I confronted Gray Evans about his Oath I was told I?m not going to take an Oath nor am I going to file an Oath and for me to shut up and sit down. Which my understanding of the Mississippi Constitution and the laws in Mississippi requires that any person take the prescribed Oath before they can hold any office and exercise any duties of that office, so now I had a Non Judge a private person acting as my judge when he appeared at numerous hearings he never wore the judges rope and continuously dipped snuff while on the bench. This private person non judge appointed me counsel and I reserved my rights to make sure he was qualified to handle my case. I conducted an interview to determine his qualifications. The first thing that showed he was not qualified was a yellow page ad in the phone book claiming no certification of any law. I then ask how long had he been practicing law and he stated about 20 years. I preceded to ask him how many criminal cases had he been involved in and how many he had won or lost he replied ?in his 20 years he had only won 2 or 3 cases, but was not sure? and then I ask him had he read and understood the Mississippi Constitution and he replied ?he had read a little? and when ask if you don?t know your Constitutional Rights, then how are you going to defend my rights he replied ?I don?t know I?ll just do the best that I can? and the same question was asked about the United States Constitution and he gave the same answers to that. And he was asked other questions, as it pertains to defending me in my case and each and every answer was pretty much the same thing, I don?t know, I?m not sure and maybe and then I ask him how was he going to defend me and he replied I don?t know, you need to defend yourself. I then went back before this private person non judge Gray Evans and informed him that the appointed attorney he picked was not qualified and I explained to this private person non judge about the complete interview and this private person non judge ordered this attorney be dismissed as my counsel, he then attempted to appoint another attorney which was called by cell phone or regular telephone and it took him about an hour to appear in the court and I requested an interview with this attorney. I wanted to see if he was qualified to represent me in this case and this private person non judge said okay. I then went into a room at the court house to interview this attorney and right away he appeared to be nervous, somewhat angered and frustrated at being there and it appeared that his eyes were somewhat blood shot and it also appeared a possible odor coming from this attorney which possibly smelled like alcohol and when interviewing him and asking him questions he got angered and said he was not answering any of my questions, but he finally agreed to answer my questions and the interview with this attorney was simpler to the other attorney and the response were pretty much the same as the other attorney. I then went back before this private person non judge and I told that his appointed attorney was not qualified either and I explained to this Private person non judge about the complete interview and this private person non judge said I don?t care if he is qualified or not you will use him anyway. I objected to this because it violates my rights, I need competent counsel and I was told by this private person non judge to shut up and sit down. I was forced into filing my own pleadings and papers to the best of my ability and there was numerous pleadings that were to be heard by this private person non judge, but none were allowed to be presented. I would read the name of the pleading and this private person non judge would deny it without it being heard and each and every pleading was conducted the same way. And I was told over and over again to shut up and sit down by this private person non judge This Attorney that was appointed never filed any papers or pleadings at the pre trial or trial and at the trial he never made any objections, never ask any questions of witnesses never vodired the jury and basically he just sat there and collected money from the tax payers along with this private person non judge who collected money from the tax payers also. I filed a document to remove this private person non judge and showed how bias he was and many other reasons and he refused to recusal himself and stated I?m here all the way. The injustice continues with a pretended trial, with a pretended judge a pretended attorney and a pretended Prosecutor, pretended witnesses, pretended evidence ,pretended jury which lasted 3 days and at this pretended trial one of the selected jurors was outside the courtroom discussing the case with Thomas Ross, the prosecutors witness and another witness was also talking to the jurors and the other witnesses and when this was brought to the attention of the private person non judge the juror stood up and said yes he had been discussing the case with the witness and that he knew the witness and the other witness stated the same thing, which was grounds for a mistrial but a mistrial was denied by this private person non judge. There was several other jurors that were picked who knew the other prosecutors witnesses. As there was only two witnesses called by the prosecutor. The prosecutors only two witnesses at the trial both testified Under Oath that they filed No criminal complaints against me, never made any affidavits against me and never appeared before the grand jury. Thomas Ross testified that I owned Perfect Treasures Furniture L.L.C. along with his Daddy L.L. Ross and he never proved I took any money from my own company, nor was there any proof that any monies was taken, he also testified the store was dissolved and liquidated. The other witness that appeared, was the attorney for Thomas Ross in the chancery court and he testified I was the owner of Perfect Treasures Furniture L.L.C. along with L.L. Ross and he never proved I took any money from my own company. The only two pieces of evidence presented to these two witnesses was 1 check and a debit from Perfect Treasures Furniture L.L.C. account, and in the memo it said ?To pay back a loan from Deborah?, which was the only two pieces of evidence, which was not proof of embezzlement, but simply a business transaction and that was the extend of the prosecutors case. I then moved for a Direct Verdict from this private person non judge and he denied it. Through out this trial I was continuously abused by this private person non judge when he kept shouting for me to shut up and when there was a recess this Private person non judge ordered the police to escort me to the bathroom in judges chamber. Each and every family member and friends that came to the trial was harassed by this private person non judge by ordering the police to make them sign in and out of the courtroom and he even brought one of my friends before the court and harassed him and forced him to leave and many other friends were forced to leave because of the harassment of the police and this private person non judge. I called numerous witnesses including the Chancery judge that dissolved and liquidated Perfect Treasures Furniture L.L.C.. and he testified under oath that he ordered the company dissolved and all assets liquidated and was asked did I do anything wrong in his court or misappropriate any funds in his court and his answer was no. and did he issue any orders that I misappropriated any monies and he said no. And each and every other witness that was called by myself showed I owned Perfect Treasures Furniture L.L.C. and that I never took any money and misappropriated it and no evidence was presented to the contrary. Even the private person non judge shouted out in open court that everybody in Mississippi knows I owned the company The prosecutor proved that I owed Perfect Treasures Furniture L.L.C. and that was the victim in this case, which proved I was the victim and thus I became the victim and the accused and was indicted and convicted as a victim. The private person non judge gave the wrong jury instructions to the jury over my objections and to further prove this, the jurors three hours later sent a note to the private person non judge that they could not make a decision and they needed more information and the questions ask by the jurors to this private person non judge on the record was ? What is the liability of a member in an L.L.C.? Which the Private person non judge refused to give the jurors any more law and had this private person non judge gave the true answer to this question, the answer was none. After refusing to answer the jurors question he sent them back to the jury room and set at the bench and wrote a long note of some sort and was secretly sent back to the jury, then 30 minutes later after the jurors received this note a Guilty verdict was returned and prior to this note they were confused and said they could not make a decision. But after the note from the private person non judge, there was no confusion from the jurors, there whole demure had changed. and they returned a verdict of guilty against me of embezzling from my own company This injustice continued to a later date, where without counsel I was sentenced to 10 years total time on both counts with 4 and half years suspended on each and to serve 6 months in the pentitenary, 2 years house arrest, 4 years probation with restution to the estate of L.L. Ross of over $3000.00 and also thrown in jail for 10 days for contempt of court with no order signed and an appeal bond refused by this private person non judge, saying he would take it on advisement, also there could not be any monies paid to the estate of L.L. Ross, cause none was owed. I was immediately taken to jail and a next friend filed a Hapeas Corpus, to get the appeal bond set to get me out of jail and served it upon the sheriff and I was immediately taken from this jail to another county and finally there was a hearing on the Hapeas Corpus and the private person non judge faxed an order and an appeal bond to the court, which the appeal bond was made and I was released from jail after serving the 10 days for contempt of court. This case has now been appealed to the Mississippi Supreme court, which there has been no order from the Mississippi Supreme court on this case at this time. There is numerous other things that happen to me in this case that I could not make a part of this release, as it would be too lengthy, but I?m available for interviews and can supply the facts and documentation, not only of everything said herein, but also on anything I say in any interview This is my story on injustice in Mississippi and I would appreciate the media in assisting me in exposing this injustice in Mississippi and to prevent injustice from happening to other people in Mississippi and this injustice cries out to be exposed, so the people can hear, read and understand .I appreciate you reading my story and look forward to hearing from you either by phone or mail.

Respectfully Submitted,

Deborah Champluvier

(Article printed in the Springfield UNION NEWS ) Friday, April 19,1996 TEACHER SUPPORTS VIEWS OF MILITIAS Kennedy Middle school teacher Leroy Crenshaw says being on the Southern Poverty Law center's list of militia sympathizers doesn't bother him because he's just voicing his opinion. By Brad Smith: staff writer A Springfield public school teacher has surfaced on a new national list of more than 800 anti-government extremists and militia groups, but the teacher says he's just expressing his opinions. ''I don't know anything about any list. I'm just one of many people who are not afraid to voice their opinions,'' said Leroy Crenshaw, a physical education teacher at Kennedy Middle School who once won 439 votes when he ran for Springfield Mayor in 1991. Crenshaw 50, is among six far-right Patriot individual sympathizers of militia groups in Massachusetts, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., a non-profit human rights group that tracks hate crimes and white supremacist activities. " We've detailed or identified over 800 of these groups,'' Spokesman Richard Cohen said yesterday. '' The area around Massachusetts is not a hotbed of Patriot activity.'' Twelve states have fewer groups than Massachusetts, including Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, according to the report. Joe Roy, director of the center's Militia Task Force, said more and more militia groups are being identified daily, mainly because of heightened news media awareness. "Probably 90 percent are comparatively harmless," he said. "What's left, the 10 percent underbelly, that's where the real extremism is cooking." While some in Massachusetts might brush off the chance of terrorism by the domestic far-right exploding here, Roy said complacency could be dangerous. "Massachusetts has only to look at Oklahoma City," he said. "The people who get hurt are the ones who say, 'It can't happen here.'" Today is the first anniversary of bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma. The blast killed 168 people. According to the report, other militia groups identified in Massachusetts include the Committee of 1776 Inc. in Templeton. Its vice chairman is reported to have written a letter last June inviting a Florida militia to attend a gun rights rally in central Massachusetts featuring ex-Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy. A Falmouth group, Justice Pro Se, has been described as a Patriot group with its own interpretation of common law. It is headed by Nat Denman, who distributes video tapes and claims he can represent clients and write "common law" legal briefs for $20 per page. Two other groups identified by the center include The Patriot's Call and The Baystaters, which are believed to be based in the Lawrence area in northeastern Massachusetts. The center also lists the right wing John Birch Society as having chapters of its national group in Massachusetts while shifting its focus to the Patriot movement. Roy said his files show Crenshaw claims not to belong to a particular militia group, but has participated in Patriot rallies around New England, assertions not disputed by Crenshaw. "I'm just concerned with all Christian things, Patriot things," he said. "As far as the militias, I'm not active with them at all." Roy also said Crenshaw had done 40 to 50 interviews with national media since the Oklahoma City bombing. But Crenshaw laughed and said: "It's probably more like200." Crenshaw said he's aware of the Southern Poverty Law Center and considers its leader, lawyer Morris Dees, as an opponent. "Guys like Mr. Dees, they're trying to enslave minorities all over again," Crenshaw said. "Being a black man, the so-called freedom we're supposed to have, we don't. It seems anyone who's trying to do anything to get some sanity back into society, it seems that Morris Dees is against them." -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------